Online 24hrs marathon

Special online 24hrs marathon ‘ANR2021 R2-Introduction workshop’ at Tuesday January 26th

With its origins in the Neuroblastoma research field, the R2 platform has grown and has constantly been developed alongside the scientific progress made in the neuroblastoma community. The genome analysis and visualization platform allows biomedical researchers, without bioinformatics training, to integrate clinical and genomics data.

To help users get started, the R2 support team is organizing a special online 24hrs ANR2021 R2-introduction workshop during ANR2021 on Tuesday January 26th (00:00-23:59 CET).

During this special workshop (completely tuned to neuroblastoma), participants will be guided through the R2 platform via small online presentations, followed by hands-on sessions (with support of R2 experts in Zoom break-out rooms) to practice with datasets and analysis tools. After the workshop participants will know the basics of working with R2 and will have learned many tips / tricks to get the most out of the system.

Since all the participants will be spread over the planet, with different time-zones, we decided to make this edition a 24hrs marathon, where a new session will start every 2hrs for the duration of the 26th of January (CET).

Interested in joining this free workshop? You can register your spot at a time-slot of your preference at
( or via

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The R2-support Team