Covid arrangements


Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures

December 8,2021

On behalf of the ANR Executive committee, we kindly like to inform you on travel and testing information for people entering the Netherlands.

This information originates from Wednesday  8 December 2021. Please regularly check the government website.

Travel to Amsterdam

In line with government measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, there are rules in place for visiting Amsterdam. Please keep in mind that these regulations may change depending on how the situation develops, so check the City of Amsterdam’s website for the most current official guidelines.

Checklist for entering the Netherlands

COVID admission ticket

In the Netherlands, a COVID admission ticket is obligated to enter a hotel and event venue . Everyone will be checked on a certificate of vaccination, recovering COVID-19 or a negative test result.
Click here for more information on how to obtain a COVID admission ticket. Upon arriving, you are obligated to wear a facemask. After arrival, it’s not obligated anymore.

How to get a Covid admission ticket
How to obtain this certificate varies by country. For example, it can be obtained from the testing centers, the health authorities, or through an e-health portal. The national health authorities of your country provide the information on how to get the certificate.

The digital version can be displayed via an app or stored on a smartphone or tablet. In the Netherlands, for example, the CoronaCheck app is used. A paper version can also be printed. Both versions contain a QR code with essential information and a digital signature that guarantees the authenticity of the certificate.

You can read more about this on the website of the European Commission.

3 types of admission ticket

In the Netherlands you can be tested to gain access to events. This “Test for Entry” initiative tests event visitors (for the time being free of charge) on Covid-19. You can make an appointment via

vaccination certificate
You are entitled to proof of vaccination when you are fully vaccinated. More information click here.

Proof of recovery shows that you once tested positive for coronavirus. More information click here.

In order to check whether your recovery, test or vaccination certificate is really yours, we need your proof of identity. So always take your ID with you.

COVID clause for Live registrations

Your registration will be converted from live to online participation in case you are not able to join in Amsterdam due to any COVID travel restrictions. The registration fee difference will be credited. Please note that travel and accommodation costs are excluded and will not be credited.